About Us

We have been at the market of electronic tuning devices more than fifteen years and have a huge number of satisfied customers.

ProRacing X have increasing group of proponents among car tuners and ordinary users in Poland and all over the World. Every month thousands of our products goes to our contented buyers. Why did we reach such a large sale? The answer is simple. Our products are of excellent quality, always offered at competitive rates and brings great benefits to the users and the environment in which they live (reducing combustion while increasing power and torque equals good fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions!).

We provide help without a time limit.

Skilled crew of ProRacing X provide assistance in selecting a product, installing, servicing, and years of using. We are for You always if necessary. We care about the satisfaction of our customers because we believe that customer satisfaction is a measure of the supreme success.

Sales ProRacing estimated at thousands per month.

From the beginning, we focus on quality and the latest technology. Our devices are manufactured in European Union, created from the highest quality materials and subjected to rigorous testing, so we are sure that you receive the highest quality product that will meet your expectations.

Production of our devices meets highest standards.

Our production meets the highest standards of international association of manufacturers and electronics industry IPC and European and international standards of production. IPC certifications are recognized worldwide as a guarantee of quality of products and services in the electronics industry. Application of IEC standards during production ensures high quality and repeatability of the process.

Our plant and machinery is regularly modernized and stays at the cutting edge of electronic industry.

Our production process recently was upgraded with new Yamaha robot- one of the few in Europe! We are proud that we can raise standards of production to the level unattainable for our competitors. Yamaha's new robot is even greater guarantee of quality devices made by us. As a manufacturer of electronic devices we can compete with companies in the premium sector all over the world!

ProRacingX has over fifteen years of experience in manufacturing and selling devices that improves vehicle exploitation and the driving experience. We believe that through our innovative solutions and high quality, the vast majority of users of professional equipment tuning chose the ProRacingX's products.